Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

As we established in the water heater energy saving suggestions article that the tank less, on-demand water heaters offer serious money saving possibilities by abolishing the need of having a tank of hot water waiting stand-by for the usage which has to be kept hot even when there is no demand on hot water – like during night. On the long term run Rinnai tankless water heaters return the investment put into the appliance based on the principle of higher purchase – lower operational costs. This heater features a digital display and user friendly controls on it’s front, for easy hot water temperature modification and status query.

Fitting gas powered tankless water heater to a house, one must make sure there is a proper venting supplied. Since gas heaters can be potentially dangerous and cause carbon-monoxide buildup, the Rinnai tankless is adviced to be mounted on places where there is a direct vent going through a single piece of wall or through a roof penetration.

Rinnai Tankless With Installer

This review is about the Rinnai tankless water heater family, powered by natural gas (models number: RL75iN, R75LSi, RL94iN, RL75eN, RL94iP, RL75LSe, R94LSe, RL94eN, R98LSi and others from R and RL series). All of them are designed for indoor usage, certified for installation in mobile and motor homes. Consists high quality parts featuring a commercial-grade heat exchanger and digital controller with self-diagnostic and error-code indicator for easy troubleshooting. Rinnai tankless water heaters re OK for California and Texas by complying the states NOx emissions standards.

The product range we reviewed contained water heaters with hot water output from 7.5 GPM (R75 & RL75 models) gallons per minute which was an ideal choice for two- to three-bathroom houses up to 9.8 (R98 & RL98 models) gallons per minute which is enough performance for larger sized residential homes and commercial applications.

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Consumer experiences

Most of the buyers switched to Rinnai tankless water heaters from a classic tanked water heater. Based on their personalized calculation the higher price of the tank less heater is expected to return in few years counting with a moderate-to-low hot water usage. It is also worth to mention that getting hot water from a tankless water heater is not such an instant experience like it used to be with tanked heaters. It takes 1-2 seconds after opening the faucet until the heated water starts flowing, depending mainly on the length the hot water has to travel in pipes to reach the faucet.

Another buyer told us when he was in the middle of a major remodeling project around the house and decided to go for a Rinnai tankless water heater after discussing the question with his plumber which he considers a great expert on energy efficiency and a good professional. It is a bit more time consuming to install tankless water heaters (mainly because of the venting needed) so it is recommended to hire a plumber who already has experience with such installations – don’t be part of the installer’s learning curve.
The unit dimensions are small and space saving, there is almost no operation noise and the gas bill dropped 15% which can be a considerable amount of saving especially at high levels of hot water usage.

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