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In the upcoming review we will attempt to shed some light on the Heat Surge Fireplace with Amish Mantle Oak. Lot of heated conversations among the consumers were stirred up by the advertisement of this electric fireplace which appeared to be claiming the customers will receive an electric fireplace for free. Takes careful attention to realize the only way to be eligible for the free heater is to order the Amish-made oak mantle which costs around $300.

The mantle is the only Amish-made part of the package, the space heater itself is made in China and claimed to be the masterpiece work of a Chinese engineering genius – for me it looks just like yet another electric stove with a fake flame – which looks a bit more realistic than the dimplex electric stove, but still it will fool no one.
The proclaimed amazing heating performance translated into professional – marketing-free language means an 1500 Watts quartz ceramic heater, producing 5100 BTUs – just like any other 1500 Watts powered electric heater would. And the same goes for the heating bill saving claims: if you heat only few rooms from the entire house by an electric heater it is possible to save money on the heating bills, but this Amish chimney-free fireplace doesn’t generate any more heat and doesn’t use any less electricity than any other 1500 Watts powered electric heater including the ones costing massively less.
The Heat Surge Amish Fireplace is UL listed. That means it complies with the safety standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories and by that many of the safety issues which concern the usage of ceramic heaters got abolished.

The transportation of the appliance is easy from room to room by the coaster wheels mounted on the bottom.
Aesthetically this Amish fireplace heater looks really nice, which can be mainly accredited to the Amish crafted mantle made by oak wood but the horrendous price Heat Surge is asking for it makes it a no-brainer when comes to deciding which space heater to recommend for purchase. Not this one – since it is a $100 heater put into a $300 expensive nice looking box.

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Consumer reviews

A considerable amount of the owners of this Amish fireplace were disappointed by the heating performance. The high amount of money paid to purchase this heater makes the buyers think they will get more heating power for their money than buying a cheap $70 space heater. Unfortunately that is not the case.
Another Heat Surge customer told us about the painful procedure when he tried to return the heater for refund. The company put him through hoops until he got them to issue the return shipping label. Also the return processing mechanism of a company is really slow also. It is suggested to be careful when issuing a return because if the electric heater is not returned in 30 day the company is not required to take it back for a refund. “If you manage to issue the return it time you still get charged by $50, for administrative costs I guess. It took them 1 day to collect my money but 6 weeks to issue the partial refund.” – told us an unhappy consumer.
On the other hand not all the reviews were negative. Some of the reviewers were happy with their heater by using it to heat the master bedroom at night. Gave them opportunity to turn the central heating down in the whole house and heating only one room through the night. However, I would like to add that that even a $50 costing 1500 Watts powered space heater would be able handle heating the master bedroom as well, no need to buy the Amish fireplace for $400 for that.

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