DeLonghi TRN 0812 T Oil-Filled Radiator

The featured portable electric heater is the DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Radiator which is designed to effectively heat any room, even bathroom. With this portable radiator no more bitter cold air right after the shower because the DeLonghi TRN0812T electric heaters features a convenient GFI plug which makes the oil filled radiator safe to use in the bathroom.

Heat is channeled out on the top of the oil radiator, this way ensuring low surface temperature so this electric heater isĀ safe to use in rooms with baby or pets.
User friendly radiator thermostat controls and different heat settings provide optimized energy efficency for this portable electric heater, and also features a programmable 24 Hour timer with 96 settings to satisfy all of your electric heating needs for any room.

The anti-freeze feature automatically prevents the room temperature from falling under 44 degrees F by automatically switching the DeLonghi heater on and off based on sensors measured data.

Safety precautions like automatically turning the portable electric heater off in any case it starts to overheat makes this DeLonghi oil radiator one of the best electric heater choices for almost any space heating needs.

In our research customer feedbacks were entirely positive, lots of people bought this DeLonghi portable oil radiator as a room heater to mantain the consistant heat in the children’s room during the night.

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  • Small portable design which fits everywhere.
  • Bathroom ready GFI electric radiator plug.
  • Energy efficent – timer with 96 settings for mantaining the desired room heat during the periods of the day.
  • Maximized radiated heating while keeping low surface temperatures, making the small portable heater baby and pet safe.
  • No sharp curves for children safety.
  • Effective space heating provided by vertical chimney-like airflow.
  • Adjustable thermostat and three heat settings.

Consumer satisfaction research:

This portable electric heater does a really good job heating the bathroom up. A non insulated 10 feet x 10 feet bathroom is no problem for this heater even during the coldest days of the winter in Chicago when the temperature drops below -5 F overnight this DeLonghi TRN 0812 T portable oil radiator lets nobody down. Thanks to the timer function it’s possible to schedule the heater to turn on 60 – 90 minutes before the wake up alarm goes off, heating the bathroom for a comfortable toasty warm temperature while maintaining safe operation thanks the GFI plug which greatly reduces the risk of electric shock in a wet environment.
Efficiency-wise buyers reported only $8 monthly rise in the electric bill from autumn to winter, which is a low price to pay especially compared to central heating costs.
This DeLonghi TRN0812 portable oil radiator is smaller than it looks like, fits perfectly under the sink, doesn’t use up any effective space in bathroom. Does the job it was designed to just fine, keeps the room warm.

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Find the best price for DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Programmable Timer on

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